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Imaginary Voter Fraud and Complex, Decentralized Systems

A quick thought on election 2020.

Complex, decentralized systems — like state-led voting across 50 states —only show their complexity when you look deep into the system. The more macro your view, the less complex they appear. Like a duck on a pond, all the churning happens underneath.

We’ve never had an election where so many people have intently watched the results, for a prolonged period of time, across so many counties in so many states. For one, elections rarely drag on this long, and secondly, we didn’t have this level of real-time data flow until recently.

Basically, we’ve never looked this deeply into the system.

Viewed this way, at this level, the varied approaches and mechanisms within the system present as chaotic and can appear like anomalies or even something suspicious.

In reality, what we are seeing are the same actions, the same chaos, that takes place through every cycle of the system. But, as we typically view the system at the surface level, that chaos is normally hidden from view.

TLDR: There ain’t no voter fraud.


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