Thanks for reading Henri and thanks for the thoughtful response. You are right that we’ve been sharing data for a long time with a lot of players.

I think the two key points are around context and adaptation (as you mentioned). While we have been sharing data for a long time (even longer when you think about the things we give to governments in census data etc) the depth and breadth of what’s being collected, aggregated and analyzed is increasing exponentially. Maybe this won’t cause something terrible, maybe it will. It’s hard to say because we have a hard time grasping exponential outcomes and we’ve never had this level of data aggregation (which I think is one of the key difference vs the bank example and in some cases even your ISP). The ultimate outcome is definitely unclear. But we are definitely in uncharted territory.

So, as you mentioned, context becomes critical in how we make decisions, educate ourselves and operate in the world. Every shift in reality forces some type of evolution. I think we are reaching a typing point where our new reality will force an evolution (adaptation) in how we engage with technology.

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